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Jul 19

Programme Paused

Dear Safety Champions,We regret to inform you that the Safety in Practice programme is being paused for the 2021-22 year. Thank you for your time and effort spent completing the EOI form, su...

Mar 17

QI Workshop Highlights Reel!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH - Background to QI CLICK HERE TO WATCH - Writing aim statements and reading your graphs CLICK HERE TO WATCH - Meeting tips and cause & effect diagrams CLICK HERE TO WATCH...

Jun 23

Quality and safety in the time of Corona virus: design better, learn faster

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health systems to change much faster than normal. Many staff have experienced training in quality improvement and patient safety methods which can be used ...

May 25

COVID-19: Team and Human Factors to Improve Safety

"Healthcare is a fundamentally human endeavor; its reliability and the capacity to provide it are tested under stressful conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be an especially d...

May 25

Creating Space for Conversations

When people are stressed and anxious, creating a shared, safe space to keep thinking and to maintain and develop relationships with colleagues is important.How to have a conversation about ‘...

Sep 27

Lost your QI Skills workbook?

A copy of 'A Practical Toolkit for Quality Improvement', the workbook used at the quality improvement workshops can be downloaded here  Share this document with your team!

Feb 18

Medicine Safety: Take Care

Read the latest report from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia on the state of medication safety in Australia.Use of medications is the most common intervention we make in healthcare, w...

Feb 19

Goodfellow Unit Webinar

Missed Dr Neil Houston's Goodfellow Unit Webinar on reducing patient harm? Catch up and listen here!