Where will your journey take you?

What does being part of Safety in Practive involve?

  • Establish a two to three person Patient Safety team which should preferably comprise of staff members from different staff groups.
  • Send your Patient Safety team to four evening learning sessions per year.
  • Attend meetings in your pharmacy to discuss data collected during the programme and identify areas for improvement.
  • Complete one Clinical Modules and one Safety Culture Tool.

Safety in Practice is a 3-year programme. Pharmacies choose to re-enroll annually. Each year practices focus on a new module.

  • Training in quality improvement skills, tools and techniques to make patient care safer.
  • Quality improvement support and facilitation to assist with improvements in systems and processes.
  • An opportunity to share and learn with other pharmacies.
  • A financial contribution of to cover practice staff time (this amount will be paid by the DHB in a single payment provided that all of the mandatory requirements specified are met throughout the year)


Activity (Please note this timeline is approximate and subject to change)

Feb - May 2020

Submit an expression of interest 

Jul - Dec 2020

Receive and sign contract to participate in the programme

Aug-Sept 2020

Attend Learning Session 1 Quality Improvement Workshop (Compulsory for 1st year teams only)

Sep - Nov 2020

Monthly audits and improvement on chosen safety modules

Nov 2020

Attend Learning Session 2 (NB: This session may be provided online via ZOOM) 

Dec 20-Mar 2021

Monthly audits and improvement on chosen safety modules, carry out safety culture tool 

Mar 2020

Attend Learning Session 3 (NB: This session may be provided online via ZOOM) 

Mar - Jun 2019

Monthly audits and improvement on chosen safety modules, apply learnings from culture tool

Jun 2020

Attend Learning Session 4 (NB: This session may be provided online via ZOOM or Face to Face) 

What areas does the programme focus on?

Clinical Modules

Safer Culture Tools